If it isn’t already obvious, I haven’t posted in awhile. Between my computer crashing and a trip to the beautiful Washington D.C. for a collegiate conference, I haven’t found a time to sit and write purely for my enjoyment. But not to worry, I’m coming back strong with a blog about one of the boldest cities in Michigan, Detroit.

Where do I start?

Detroit has been called many names; my parents refer to it as being dangerous. I’ll save you the torture of reading my personal opinions and views about the culture of Detroit because I know we could all use a break from politics. However, whether the city of Detroit is deemed safe or not, I recommend you visit. If you’re scared for your own safety, go during a festival.

The lovely thing about festivals is that the city increases security, there are a lot of people, and the city tries to clean itself up. I went during the Jazz festival at the beginning of September, which was a lovely festival, but I was more concerned with exploring the city.


Where should you start?

The first place you should go to is the river downtown. You get a gorgeous view of Canada and you’ll have an incredible time walking by the water. I started at the GM Renaissance Center and spent a good hour just walking around by the river.

Let’s grab dinner

I’ll be honest, I only ate out once during my weekend in Detroit, however, I definitely made this one meal count in Greektown. I ate at the Pegasus Taverna, which was completely packed. Greektown is  overfilled with restaurants so I recommend exploring your options before sitting down to eat.

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For the days ruined with bad weather

Fear not, if it rains or snows while you visit, you can fill an entire day with an exploration of the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum, more commonly known as the DIA. This museum is absolutely beautiful on the inside and out.

The art found inside these walls will definitely speak to you whether it’s through religion, culture or historical artifacts. I spent hours just exploring the different exhibits in the museum. In case you were wondering, this is by far my favorite museum in Michigan.

Belle Isle

If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you’ve probably figured out that I can’t stay in a city for too long without getting antsy. Luckily, I discovered one of the best hidden gems of Detroit, Belle Isle.

Located in the Detroit river, Belle Isle is the perfect escape for runners, sun-bathers, nature enthusiasts, kayakers, sightseers and explorers, of course. I spent an entire afternoon at Belle Isle and didn’t even come close to seeing everything it has to offer.

Long story short…

Detroit has endless opportunities and I highly recommend taking a trip to the beautiful city. While I was there, I hopped over to Canada for awhile, which will be my next Featured Exploration. So, keep an eye out because you aren’t a True Michigander until you’ve visited our neighbor, the lovely Canada.